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Blundstone - Rotoflex® 9061

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Water Resistant Upper / Wide Fit / Steel Toe Cap / Zoned Airflow Footbed

Certified to:

AS 2210.3:2019

ASTM F2413-18 including EH (Clause 5.6)


Let the RotoFlex #9061 do the heavy lifting. Our SoftCell® fit system combined with the convenience of a zip side takes comfort and performance to the next level.


  • Wheat water-resistant nubuck leather upper safety boot—150mm height

  • Seven rows of lacing hardware, including lace locking device

  • Laces are manufactured from recycled PET

  • Durable, heavy duty zip with industrial grade zip fastener

  • Lining made from recycled PET offers moisture wicking and long lasting performance

  • Heavy Duty TPU moulded toe guard designed for superior leather protection

INFINERGY®—E-TPU, a super elastic energy foam that is soft but resilient, providing enhanced cushioning and reducing the impact of every step.

GRIPTEK® XHD—biomechanically engineered rubber (PUR) outsole designed for optimum grip and stability - heat resistant to 300˚C - fuel oil resistant - excellent abrasion, cut and slip resistance

FORTASHIELD —broad fitting, cut-resistant steel toe cap tested to resist a 200 joule impact.

AIRCELL —uniquely constructed zoned airflow footbed is designed with specialised breathing channels to activate ventilation, moisture control and provide full-body cushioned comfort. The footbed is anti-bacterial, washable and breathable.

SOFTCELL®—the overarching comfort system utilising a combination of specialist materials and the unique biomechanical foot-cradling design to increase stability, balance, comfort and manoeuvrability. Designed to help reduce the risk of trips, slips and falls.